Software Developers / Integrators

Process Pink is integrated into many third-party payment processing solutions serving industries such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, petroleum/convenience store and e-commerce. By offering this variety of Process Pink tested and certified payment-processing solutions, we enable you to choose the ideal solution that is most suitable for your clients' business needs. For more information on how to become a certified integration partner, please contact the Integration Team at

Integrated Payment Processing at the Point of Sale, made simple

At the heart of our product set is our proprietary Payment Browser, the industry leading integrated payment processing solution available in many of the nation's most popular business software suites. We developed Payment Browser as a unique integration tool, which does the work of the integration for you. Payment Browser delivers uncompromised technology and security while providing merchants with a fast and secure payment processing solution. Payment Browser offers substantial saving benefits and unique features to enable you to market your application without validating compliance to the PA-DSS (Payment Application - Data Security Standards) requirements by "managing" all the transmission of cardholder data outside of your application. Your application can now be a turnkey solution for merchants to capture payments by enabling Payment Browser to integrate to your application. Instead of you doing the integration.

Deep Relationships

As an integrated payments provider, relationships are at the core of what we do - relationships with our partners and relationships with the merchants we serve directly. We have partnered with the top companies within various vertical markets. In some cases, these companies have integrated Process Pinksolutions into their technology products and offerings, creating an integrated solution. In other cases, partners have chosen to leverage our breadth of products and services, by offering Process Pink solutions to their business customers through a referral relationship, thereby providing a comprehensive merchant services program to their customer base.

Here is a partial list of the applications that are supported, if your product or application is not listed, call us today to get started on the easiest integration you will ever do.

  • Amkai
  • AMS Patient Management System
  • Bail Bond Tracker
  • BailBook
  • Ben Choate ChildCare 4.0
  • Constellation Application
  • Creative Bond Tracker (Web)
  • Creative Bond Tracker (Windows)
  • Creative GA Tracker (Windows)
  • Dentrix G
  • Dentrix G4 14.
  • Dentrix G4 14.1
  • Eaglesoft Version 15
  • EZ-CARE2
  • HealthNautica
  • Helios
  • JackRabbit Class
  • MedicalisMD
  • Network Merchants (1PS)
  • Network Merchants (OHS)
  • Network Merchants (ODS)
  • ObjAcct
  • Ortho 2 V 7.0.4532
  • PerioVision
  • Place Systems
  • Process Server's Toolbox
  • Quickbooks (Web)
  • Quickbooks Premier 2010
  • QuickBooks Pro 2009
  • Retriever Med Gateway
  • Softdent 12.5.2
  • SuiteRX
  • Teledraft Gateway
  • VersaForm
  • WEBeDoctor

Contact your Relationship Manager for more information.