Financial Institution Partnerships

Process Pink helps give a competitive edge to financial institutions. We harness relationships to help you meet continued demands for new customers, new deposits and new sources of revenue. We know how important attracting profitable customers and maintaining long-term relationships are to your financial institution. That's why we offer an Agent Bank Partnership Program that helps you build stronger and more valuable relationships with your customers.

Become an Agent Bank Partner

As competition continues to erode margins on traditional banking products, few financial institutions have fully tapped the potential that resides in your market for merchant acquiring services. Through our Agent Bank Partnership Program, Process Pink can become your ally in offering the latest in merchant processing programs to your business and commercial customers. This partner program provides a sales force dedicated to your institution, to help leverage your brand name and market presence, in an effort to attract and retain new customers and increase profitability.

The Agent Bank Partnership Program provides a complete offering that includes customer service, terminal help desk, marketing materials, equipment deployment and programming, merchant training and activation, online transaction information, referral updates and reporting allowing you to focus on core banking products and services.

Tools and Resources

We measure our success by the success of our partners. In addition to a highly motivating compensation package, we believe it is equally important to have the resources available to help you significantly improve your bottom line. Our resources encompass both traditional and online marketing and sales tools. We continuously strive to provide effective solutions that help you grow your business.

Contact your Relationship Manager for more information.