Pay It Forward

When your customers contribute to their favorite charities at the point of sale, everyone benefits.

Funding for many nonprofit organizations has been severely reduced or eliminated due to recent increased budget restraints. Many nonprofit organizations are turning their interest to alternative channels of fundraising such as Process Pink's Pay It Forward program to meet their financial needs.

No matter if the cardholder is a millennial, Gen X or Gen Y, the Pay It Forward point of sale fundraising program is the real deal. It's automatic, discrete and effective. It transcends all economic levels and does not discriminate.

Only Process Pink merchants can participate in electronic point of sale fundraising for national and regional branded charitable organizations such as American Heart Association and National Wildlife Federation across the country.

Keep Your Cause Connected To Donors At The Point Of Sale

  • Pay It Forward offers cardholders (making a credit or debit card purchase) the option to donate at the point of sale to select nonprofit organizations registered with Process Pink.
  • Cardholders can donate $1, $3, or $5 dollars or may round-up their transaction value to the next dollar through the point of sale payment device.
  • Pay It Forward alleviates "donor frustration" allowing the participating merchant to change the charity offered to cardholders at any time. For example, a merchant can elect to raise funds on behalf of the American Heart Association as the charity one month and then switch to a different registered charity the next month.

Pay It Forward Features

  • Merchants share in the benefits of donations raised at their point of sale.
  • Real-time online reporting of donation activity to incentivize your consumers to donate at the point of sale.
  • Drive more profits and customer loyalty through new connections to National Nonprofit organizations.
  • Real time transparency of donation activity accessible to non-profit organization, merchant and cardholder.